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Carpet Repairing

Carpet Repairing

Carpets require maintenance and care for them to last forever. Persian carpet is an investment and you would want it to have a long life. But sometimes certain things can cause a damage to the carpet. AbeeRugs also has a trained team of professionals to repair damages and help you save your carpet.

Sometimes holes can appear in carpet. We can help you fix holes caused by time or insects or if by accident. Similarly, if your carpet is torn or there is piece missing, AbeeRugs can help you fix that. We fix it in a way that we also complete the design no matter how intricate it is. A lot of times, those who have pets come to us with carpets that have been constantly chewed on by pets and a whole portion goes missing. Our professional team can help fix such issues.

The carpet fringe also becomes dull and dirty with time. Also, it starts thinning after sometime. We can replace the whole fringe, giving your carpet a brand new look. Whether the fringe is silk or wool, we are well equipped to deal with any kind of fringe replacement.

A lot of times carpets get ruined because of a stain. Stains of dirt and oil. Sometimes, accidently food or drinks are dropped on carpets which leave a hideous stain or mark. At AbeeRugs we can help you remove these stains and spots.

Our beautiful silk carpets, and many other pieces can not only decorate your floor but also a wall. In royal families, such beautiful carpets were hung on the wall to give the palaces a very royal and rich feel. If you plan to decorate your house with our carpets, We also fix casing at the back of carpets. A casing is a long, banded strip of fabric or leather that secures the rod when the rug is mounted. We can provide you other tips about hanging a carpet and help you with it.

Please watch our detailed videos to understand the services we offer. We hope to serve you better. 

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