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Our Carpet repairing and restoration process

21 Jan Getting rid of Carpet Bugs and Beetles.
John 0 3120
Carpet beetles are a reality and they can occur anywhere. Belonging to the family of beetles called dermestids, carpet beetles are pests found in homes, museums and warehouses. They can cause serious ..
14 Jul AbeeRugs Demonstration on Persian Carpet Repair
John 0 1686
Abeerugs always give a special care and attention on our carpet repair. Its the main reason we does our carpet repair manually by hand and not machines.                                                ..
13 Jul Persian Carpet Edge & Side Repair
John 0 557
One of the most common area easily get damaged on a carpet are the edges or side also known as kinara of the carpets. It might looks minor but able to further the damage areas in future.Do not feel he..
12 Jul Carpet Hole Repair @ Abee Rugs
John 0 426
Dont be upset when your valuable hand knotted persian carpets are damage by hole.  Leave it to the experts to handle the repair.At Abeerugs, we have professional and expert repairman who are able to r..
18 Mar Silk Carpet Repairing
John 0 373
Silk is used both in the warp, weft and pile in finer, smaller carpets from Isfahan, Ghom, Nain and in some Keshans and also in Turkish made Hereke. Some carpets have the warp of silk and pile of wool..
18 Apr Carpet Fringe Restoration
John 0 608
Beside enlighten the beauty of carpets, fringe also plays an important role in our carpets. Just like hair protecting our head, fringe also protect your carpet edge from easily spoil. So, its is very ..
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